SPADS Spring Fun-Fly 2014

This was our 10th annual Spring Fling  Fun-Fly and it was a another fine day at the flyin' field, a little windy later in the day!   We invited any and all who have an AMA card to attend.  We had two groups from the Tulsa area, Flyers from Guthrie and OKC.   Many club members, families and guest showed up, for some it was their first Fun-Fly.    Plenty of food, Ron and Phil cooked the Hamburgers & Hot Dogs again this year and everyone brought a covered dish.  I would like to thank Rich Steckbeck (Stick) for taking so many wonderful pictures of the days activities. I ask "Stick" to take my camera and get as many pictures as he could during the day. I did get some other pictures from members, sorry I forgot who sent them to me.  Thanks to all, it was a fun day. The following are pictures are some of the activities of the day.        


We didn't have any organized flying events, we just flew the batteries out, a great day.  All in all it was a beautiful day.   At the end of the day everyone was tired and went home with a smile on their face.  Bill Cunningham, our Club President, did a great organizing the event, working PA system throughout the day and over seeing the work details.  A special thanks to all the club members who worked very hard preparing the field.  

 "Another Fine Day At The Flyin Field"