New Years Day 2014

News Years Day 2014 at Boomer Field!!   This year the weather was very nice to us compared to the cold wet days we have had this winter.  As Bill raised the flag that morning you can see we had very little wind and bright sunshine. The wind sock was hanging low for most of the day.  The wind did come up later in the day, but it was time to pack up and we were tired and happy.  We had a good turn out from the club members and guests.  We had 3 kinds of chili, Byron Dell even brought some Moose Chili,  they were all good.   The other side dishes were plentiful and tasty.   I didn't get pictures of everyone who came out, Sorry, I was busy flying.   We have been flying every New Years day since 2002, we have had some bad days but we had more good days than bad ones.  We did fly on new years in 2013, but I was sick and did not get any pictures.   I hope this day marks a fantastic year at Boomer Field.



Thanks Bill for "Another Fine Day at the Flying Field"