Looking back at 2013

       2013 was another good year for the SPADS RC Club, membership grew, many days of excellent flying weather.  Work continues on Boomer Field, we still have things that we want to do to improve the site.  I must say, what these members have accomplished in such a short time is truly remarkable.   I believe it is because of our fantastic leadership of Bill Cunningham, Club President, and Chris Hooley, Vice President, and many key members in our club.  I would like to thank all the members who donated their time, money and buildings to make our field one of the best in the state.  Our Club members did travel to events thru out the year and we had our Grand Opening of Boomer Field in the Spring.   I didn't get pictures of every month this year but rest assured the field was very active.   This was a year of good times and sometimes sadness.  We lost Danny Goodpaster after his battle with a long illness, he had been a member of the SPADS RC Club  since the early 80's.  We will miss him.   Here are some of the activities at Boomer field and at other flyin' fields.   It was  a very good year!

Keep'em Flyin'


Jan 2013
Boomer Field Grand Opening


Eureka Springs Ark & Denton Tx

War Birds Over Arkansas 
War Birds Over Texas

The club was invited by Randy's home Church,  "Faith Center Of Meno", to their July 4th calibration at the Don Anderson Ranch 

I did not get any pictures of the flying and fireworks display at Boomer Field. Many of us kicked back with a brew and watched the fireworks displays around the area.  Boomer Field is a great place to watch the fireworks displays, are several going on at the same time.  Remember that for next 4th July.

A trip to Moreland

A day at Boomer Field

This is our Fall Fun-Fly


Annual Fairview Show

Sorry, I didn't get any picture of the Christmas Party, the food was great and a good time was had by all.

It was another Fine Year at the Flyin' Field