Fall Fling 11

This was our 7th annual Fall Fling  Fun-Fly.  Some wind but it was a "Another Fine Day at the Flyin' Field"!   We invited any and all who have an AMA card to come and a couple Ponca City Club members came.  We did have about 75% of the club members show up, for some it was their first Fun-Fly.  Plenty of food,  Ron & Gene were the cooks supervised by Ron wife Debbie,   Pork Ribs, Pork chops and Hot Dogs were on the grill as well and everyone brought a covered dish.  As usual there was plenty of wonderful food for everyone to stuff themselves.  The following are pictures are some of the activities of the day.  I didn't get many of the flying shots.  Gene & Ron organized the fun fly events.  I am not sure who flew the  helicopter chasing the balloons, he didn't any.  I tried with my old 40 size combater, I don't think I got very close.  This year Gene & Chris did a ruffle for the money in the pot, the club gets half.  They sold $266.00 in tickets,  Robert Hudnall from Ponca City had the winning ticket.  He got $133.00 and the club got $133.00!  Great Ideas Guys, Thanks!    It was another great day, everyone had fun, no crashes and many got home to watch the last half of the OSU-Texas football games.   OSU kicked the sh t out of Texas so it was a good day!.  Hey, if you have pictures that could go on the web site, e-mail them to me.  It sure would help me make the site more interesting.

New member Devan

Sammy was all over the field  with her wheels

Danny Goodpastter

Danny's grandsons

Danny's son Jason and grandson

A new toy, what a nice bike

Rubin getting ready for a flight

Just hangin' out

Sammy is always hanging around the food

Darryl talking with Robert from Ponca City Club

Helicopters are becoming more of a presents at the field 

A really good Chopper pilot

Robert the big winner

Gene launches the first balloons 

Trying to catch the balloon

Someone's new electric

A Flyer with new airplane

Darryl giving him his first flight lesson

As you can see we did have a great turnout, lot of great flying, plenty of good food and wonderful friendly people.   Ron, Gene & Chris  Thanks for "Another Fine Day At The Flying Field"