Boomer Field



After 30 + years we lost our flying field on Breckenridge Rd.  The new owner of the acreage has other plans that does not include a RC Flying Field.  He gave us 30 days from June 28 to remove our property.  Just days before Chris Hooley got a line on some property west of town.  The 27 June, Chris, Ron Rush, Gene Hunt and I went to look at it, this was the very same land we tried to lease 15 years before. This was our best and only option.  I told Chris to call Mr. Tritscher to close the deal.  The following Sat. & Sunday club members removed all items in the Flight Shack, disassembled the Flight Shack, took down the flight station fencing & flag poles, loaded up the field tables & fire wood and removed items in the storage shed.  By Sunday evening everything was at the new field and they had even assembled the Flight Shack.  This was remarkable!  The first picture is of the site the first evening we looked at it,  the area was covered with cedar trees and grass was knee high.  I didn't  take any pictures until Monday morning July 2 and there were trees already removed and the area mowed with a brush hog.  The land owner Mr. George Tritscher  is wonderful man and very helpful, he is removing the trees with his backhoe.  He can't seem to do enough for us.  The time line of the work accomplished is just remarkable.   I'll tell you about the site: It has plenty of flying area, it has electrical power available, a water well and a concrete slab for the Flight Shack which is big enough for more covered buildings.  The will be plenty of parking areas, room for the field tables and flight stations, plus a 300' Petro-mat runway.  

As of July 8, the runway area has been leveled a graded, electrical power installed, a new well pump installed. half of the fencing installed, electrical power & lighting installed in the Flight shack.  The cedar trees continue to be removed, Mr. Tritscher was out with his backhoe pulling trees Sunday morning.

With all the work that has been accomplished and work yet to be done, let say I am extremely proud of the members of this club.  They are truly working a miracle, I happy to be among these men   I only wish my health would allow me help out with this work

Many of the over head pictures were taken with my camera mounted on my 1/4 scale Piper Cub.  Also Ron Rush arranged for an airplane ride to get a better overall shots of the area.  Next spring I plan to get more overhead pictures when the grass come in a little better. 

Now the pictures, I'll up date this page as we progress:


Work continues at the field.  Since the last pictures; 90% of the trees ot the north has been removed (thanks to Mr. Tritscher),  we gained addition runway footage to the south, a new sunshade building was installed (thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Kirk) and numerous little things to makes the field better.  These latest pictures are from another of Bill's work days at the field (we sure elected the right guy as Club President).  The tasks were to enlarge the Flight Shack,  roll the runway and grass areas, remove abandon water & electrical risers, install more lighting & receptacles in the Flight Shack, pick up the sticks from the old tree roots and build three new picnic tables.   At one point there were three welder going.  Bill also made the sign for the control tower, very nice.  This flying season we will have one of the nicest flying site in the state (maybe the nicest).   Our club members have worked very hard to make this happen, I am very proud be associated with a great bunch of guys.