2017 Fall Fun Fly

Hey guys, I'm glad that I got a chance to stop by for the Fun Fly on my Birthday weekend with my Dad and get a flight in with my 600 sized heli. It was a little windy, but a noticed a lot of you were flying regardless.

I took a few pictures and I thought that I'd share them on here with this message.

Detailed RC Delta Instructions

Detailed RC Delta Instructions
Bill Yirka

Building Your First Foam Board Plane

If you have never built a foam board, RC airplane before, this lesson is for you. I will detail every step of how to build a simple aircraft. By building this plane, you will learn how to draw and read my blueprints, how to install servos and how to hook up the electronics, to name just a few subjects. By the time you complete this plane, you should be able to build any plane in my upcoming book.

Spring Funfly 2015

Check out the pictures in the gallery here

Dawn Patrol - Rich Richardson

Fred Jungclaus had an idea for the 2011 Dayton Dawn Patrol Rendezvous. He wanted a German Observation Balloon to accompany our scale WW1 planes. He designed the scale balloon, and he and his wife sewed it together. The big balloon was complete with an observation basket hanging below. Fred designed the balloon to be lifted by a few hundred red and yellow helium filled party balloons. Held inside by the fabric and lacing. His idea was to have a release on top, that would allow the red and yellow balloons to spill out looking like the OB was on fire.

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